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Anti static floors are used in premises for computers, hospital operating theatres, the electrochemical industry, clean rooms with sterile environments, explosives and flammable materials storehouses, etc.


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Anti static floors - usage, application
and maintenance of antistatic flooring.

Electro Static Discharge (ESD) :

Sensitive electronic equipment, can be damaged by Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and the circuitry of electronic equipment can be damaged or caused to malfunction and components can become disabled when hit by static discharge.

ESD also causes a serious threat in areas where flammable or explosive materials are stored where the risk of explosion can occur. ESD is mainly caused by adverse effects which occur wherever friction, rubbing, sliding, scraping, scrolling, separation, and cutting of materials occurs.
A simple and classical example is just walking on certain types of carpets, with a certain type of shoe sole and then to get a spark and static shock when touching a door handle. Industrial processing and production plants, the factory, workshops and even the hospital operating theatre floor are prime sites for electrostatic build up, even simply by walking across the floor surfaces, which do not need to be carpets for ESD events to occur.

Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) :

You can create a controlled and stable Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) by using anti static floors which ensure that the facility, area, electronics facility is protected against electrostatic activity. And this at ground level by using antistatic flooring which is a seamless resin floor finish designed to deliver anti static control.

Anti Static floor sysytems - Czech Republic :

The anti static floors we produce, lay and apply are epoxy screeds with a smooth or non-slip surface with a thickness of 2 - 4 mm. They are electrostatically conductive with an OHL resistor 104-106.

Our anti static floor systems include a conductive laid flat surface layer capable of delivering and 'catching' electrostatic charges, and also contain a large number of carbon fibres that have sufficient conductivity to meet explosion avoidance requirements when needed. The antistatic floors we produce and apply dissipate and conduct ESD, and safeguard delicate electrical equipment and the environment from Electro Static Discharges.

Odefloor antistatic floor systems offer high-performance anti static flooring which also provides superior chemical resistance and an anti-slip profile to meet all of the specialised needs associated with the electro-manufacturing and processing industries.

Which type of anti-static floor type solution to opt for depends on the amount of static that could potentially be generated as well as the sensitivity of the equipment on or inside the site.

Main advantages of anti static floors and flooring systems :

Control of static discharge:
The main purpose of antistatic flooring is to help reduce, control and avoid electrostatic discharge - ESD, and this type of flooring option is especially important for industries where static can cause damage and interference to sensitive equipment and even to employees. Antistatic floors control, limit and protect against static discharge.

Antistatic floors are durable:
Our anti static floor systems are flooring options that will last forever and are aesthetically pleasing.

Low maintenance of antistatic floors:
Application and installation and care of anti static floors are very simple, as antistatic flooring can be laid over existing floors, sealed easily and interlock between the original floor and with our floor system products.

Anti static floors are easy to clean:
Cleaning anti static flooring is important, as debris and dirt can influence the effectiveness of floor static containment.
We offer all the supplies and instructions you may need to correctly and quickly clean your floors for optimal and perfect results.

If you need anti static flooring - get in contact with our experts at Odefloor floor systems and learn more about how we can help you and about the services we can offer you.


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