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Examples of Epoxy floors produced in the Czech Republic

epoxy floor scuderia epoxy floor green colour epoxy floor for industrial use epoxy floor dark green epoxy floor darker green epoxy floor light greenr epoxy floor green light epoxy floor grey epoxy floor factory area epoxy floor for factory flooring epoxy floor for factory area epoxy floor factory deposit epoxy garage floor epoxy floor for garage epoxy floor for heavy duty use epoxy floor stairway and expoxy stairs epoxy floor grey colour epoxy floor nice finish epoxy floor glossy epoxy floor heavy duty glossy

Epoxy floors are made from epoxy resin and are hard, durable, and the preferred floor system choice for logistics centres, heavy duty industries and warehouses with heavy forklift traffic.

Floor systems using epoxy have a much longer life span than other floor types and epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, bleach, petrol, sulphuric acids and due to this, epoxy floors are also used in garages in the automotive industry and battery manufacturing.

Epoxy floors and epoxy flooring explained

Epoxy floor systems are water and heat resistant and especially impervious to chemical spills without any adverse effects on the floor coating.

The surface of epoxy flooring is even, smooth and easy to clean and to sweep and maintain as not much sticks to flooring of this type. This is because epoxy is resistant to germs and bacteria and is easily sanitized and clinics and hospitals use epoxy as their main choice of flooring.

Epoxy resin floors are less sensitive to moisture and humidity and any possible damage from these is far more limited so anywhere humidity is a factor, epoxy is the best floor type choice.

Epoxy floors are easier to apply, lay and work with and can be bright, different shades of colour, shiny, glossy and their appearance makes them enticing to use.

Epoxy flooring can be installed directly over other types of flooring and installation costs are very affordable compared to other types of industrial floor systems. The only other flooring material that is more durable than epoxy resin is concrete which has to be properly sealed and maintained, and this itself is not an easy task but as epoxy floors need concrete beneath them, they render concrete itself exceptionally durable and this is the perfect solution as a durable floor system. Also, epoxy resin offers benefits of anti-fatigue and can be easily rolled-out onto cement without mortar or glue.

In the long run, epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from stains and moisture, grease and cracks which limits cleaning and maintenance costs.

Epoxy coating, when installed properly, can last for decades without peeling, or cracking and this durability factor makes epoxy flooring very popular for industrial and commercial use.

Epoxy resin coated floors are a perfect choice for covering and re-decorating your actual floor as it is available in many smooth, flawless, elegant and shiny colours with the option of coating patterns and designs and epoxy flooring has one great advantage, that it enhances visibility, for example inside a garage, as the light is reflected off the floor coating.

If you need an epoxy floor for your home, office, car park, garage or factory floor space please consult us and we will be happy to conduct an analysis of your floor-space and advise you on the right type of epoxy floor system. We can also evaluate tolerance of humidity and moisture of your floor to minimize future problematics such as delamination.

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